About Vidya Yoga & Fitness

We offer a unique take on Vinyasa Yoga

Having personally experienced the benefits of hot yoga, owners Ashley and Nate Davis sought to bring a hot yoga and boutique fitness studio to Northeast Tennessee, in an effort to provide the ultimate yoga and fitness experience.
Our goal is to provide everyone who walks into VIDA with a fitness experience that is challenging, but approachable, in an environment that celebrates each individual for showing up and striving to improve their health and fitness.


Our signature class, Hot Power Yoga, fuses the meditative movements of vinyasa yoga with strength, balance, and alignment.

Our music is loud, our flows are intense. We intelligently sequence and design our classes so that you experience a full-body cardio and strength-building workout that also acts as a moving meditation to help clear your mind and promote stress relief.

Yoga is for everyone, so all of our classes are designed for everyone. We offer modifications and advancements in each and every class so that the Beginner and Advanced practitioner can practice simultaneously.

Get on your mat, get out of your head, join our cOMmunity, and #stayhumbleflowhard.

Key Elements of VIDYA Yoga


Our studios use a far-infrared (FIR) heat and humidification system. The heat and humidification system are part of an energy recovery unit (ERV) that helps to maintain an ideal hot yoga environment while conserving heat and maintaining ideal ambient oxygen and low carbon dioxide levels. The infrared heating technology used at VIDYA has researched benefits including decreased inflammation, increased circulation, decreased delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), acquired heat acclimatization among other benefits.

Cuing Based

VIDYA instructors do not practice with the class. Our teachers are taught to skillfully cue yoga asanas (poses) and transitions. Cuing rather than demonstration facilities the continuity and flow of the class.

Use of Sanskrit and English Cues

You may hear cues in both Sanskrit and English. VIDYA yoga instructors are trained to understand basic Sanskrit names for yoga poses. We encourage our instructors to grow in their own yoga practice by increasing their Sanskrit vocabulary over time.

Hands on Assists

VIDYA teachers do not practice yoga while teaching. Instead they walk around the room offering assists with the intention of helping you to experience the postures on a deeper level and to become more aware of your body and alignment. If you do not want assists, please let your instructor know.

Advancing Practice Through Arm Balances and Inversions

There are many types of power yoga. We have found that many studios use jumping, burpees, and aerobic group fitness moves to increase the intensity of a power yoga class. At VIDYA we increase the intensity with yoga arm balances and inversions. VIDYA instructors are trained to teach basic yoga arm balances and inversions to advance your power yoga practice. You will see some yogis incorporating these elements into their practice and others choosing not to. At VIDYA, we are very into making your practice individualized to your needs. Arm balances and inversions are a great way to add interesting and fun elements to your yoga practice.

Loud Music

We LOVE music at VIDYA and feel that it has a great impact on the energy and environment of our classes. We play the music loud to help you become totally immersed in your yoga practice with the goal of reaching a true moving meditation.

Savasana and Om

Our yoga classes close with a savasana. After savasana this instructor will lead a group “OM” chant. Chanting OM together can be very powerful and signifies the unification of body and mind. You are welcome to chant with us or stay silent.

Our Studios

Vidya Yoga & Fitness now offers classes in two locations in northeast Tennessee. Each location has its own personality, so make sure to check out both locations.

Meet Our Instructors

Vidya instructors are trained to teach signature classes that are uniquely sequenced with combinations of over 100 yoga asanas. The unique formatting and the ability of Vidya-trained instructors to expertly cue and sequence intricately designed classes is the foundation for the consistency and quality of all classes at VY&F.

VIDYA Teacher Trainings

Vidya offers yoga, barre and fitness trainings throughout the year. Whether you are looking to teach or to deepen your fitness knowledge, Vidya is an open and welcoming environment to learn and grow your practice and fitness.

Our Boutique

The Boutique offers customers access to the latest trends in high-end fitness and yoga apparel. Yoga mats, specialized yoga towels, blocks, straps and other yoga and fitness accessories are stocked in the boutique. As the Boutique becomes known for the place to shop, we have expanded our retail to include athleisure, swimwear, beachwear and casual resort-style clothing. We also stock corkcicle water bottles, stemware and accessories. We are constantly putting out new retail. Stop by and shop often.