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May 29, 2019

As we go into Vida’s third year of operation we look back with gratitude for the evolution into what Vida is today. Our first year we hit the ground running, learning from our mistakes, celebrating the Vida Community and striving to maintain a growth trajectory consistent with member feedback and VIDA’s core values.

Vida’s second year focused on standardizing and optimizing the quality of our hot power yoga format. Establishing our own yoga school only 14 months after opening was an achievement very few yoga studios are able to accomplish so early but was imperative for the vision of the studio. Developing an original teacher training program that is comprehensive and authentic is no simple undertaking. An established yoga school is something that any studio with a desire to grow would love but not many achieve. Enlisting the help of experienced yoga teacher trainer, Jen Eddins was one of the best decisions we made in order to realize the growth and potential at such an early stage.

Seeing the success of the standardized power format, we knew it was imperative to develop other standardized formats to meet the needs of yogis interested in other yoga formats. Our goal was establish slower and more restorative formats that complimented our signature power format. Having a defined signature style of yoga founded in the roots of authentic ashtanga yoga was essential in establishing direction.

Hot Slow Power Flow (HSPF) was the first spin off from our signature hot power yoga. HSPF allows for slower transitions for participants and an opportunity for instructors to “workshop” an asana (posture) during the class. From its onset HSPF became a hit with those looking for an opportunity to focus on eccentric strength building, the strength that comes from slow, deliberate transitions and focus.

Like HSPF, Core and Deep Stretch (CDS) evolved as a compliment to VIDA’s signature style of yoga. With the heavy emphasis on alignment, muscular balance, use of agonist/antagonists and synergistic components of muscle dynamics as a fundamental component of VIDA’s teacher training, it was only fitting that VIDA have a format that focused on the Core. Sure, abdominal exercises are a part of all of VIDA’s power formats, but to truly and effectively work the core, all components must be addressed. Vida utilized its yoga teachers that also had extensive training in barre and pilates to introduce this format that is devoted to strengthening the entire core: abdominals, low back, quadriceps, hamstrings, and most importantly, the gluteal muscles.

As we go into our third year, our focus is to train additional instructors for the CDS format while revitalizing the VIDA barre program. The plan is to standardize and optimize the quality of the barre format with a training that is alignment and mind-body focused as a compliment to VIDA’s signature power yoga. VIDA has partnered with BarreAmped, a Nashville-based barre training. We are excited to finally devote the resources needed to develop and grow a fantastic VIDA Barre Program.

The other milestone marking the start of our third year is a collaboration with RADroller for Mobility 1 and Mobility 2 training in October. The Mobility trainings provide knowledge and tools for enhanced recovery and flexibility through self myofascial release. Yoga instructors trained in Mobility 1 and Mobility 2 will teach classes at VIDA incorporating the RAD tools as an adjunct to formats with deep stretching.

Lastly, with all of the additional formats, where are we (physically) going? VIDA is set to begin expansion into an adjacent space for an additional room for classes in June 2019. The new room will be perfect for non-heated formats and will be fully functional to accommodate the revitalized barre program in September. The expanded space will be a much-needed addition for VIDA’s Yoga Teacher Trainings and collaborative trainings.

With all of the exciting trainings and expanded offerings at VIDA we can’t wait to see what our third year of operation will bring to the yoga community in the region! Stay tuned for more updates on exciting opportunities at VIDA!

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