Update on Vidya Yoga and Fitness Johnson City

Nov 9, 2022

Building a state-of-the-art boutique fitness studio during a pandemic has presented significant challenges. After almost two years of planning, building, and guesswork about equipment and supply availability, the finish line is in sight.

While the inside finishes are complete, the electrical panel and main power components continue to be the only issue preventing us from finishing the project. The main breaker and necessary components for the panel that supplies power into the building is unavailable despite the fact it was ordered in September of 2021. Over the last 8 months we have been given prospective dates for availability of these necessary components and have watched these “ship dates” come and go with little additional information. We have been told that this is a common issue affecting many construction projects around the country.

Last week we experienced another estimated availability date (October 15th) come and go. Without confidence that the parts we need will arrive any time soon and after speaking directly with the parties involved, a costly but definitive alternative to completely reconfigure the system is now in play. We have received confirmation that the materials for the alternative plan are available. Although this has created considerable cost in terms of time, resources, and patience, we feel it is the best plan to move forward in conclusively completing the project in the near future. We are grateful for the fact that, up until this point, this project has been within the initial estimated budget. We have been given an estimated completion date of one month.

Please check our website and social media for updates as we close the building phase of Vidya Yoga and Fitness Johnson City and move forward with opening details. We know it will all be worth the wait.

With love, the Vidya Yoga and Fitness Team

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