New Membership Fees Effective 7/1/19

Jun 20, 2019

VIDA Members: Effective July 1st, Membership Fees will change (refer below). Importantly, this change will be simultaneous with the implementation of new tax laws in Tennessee (SB 960 / HB 1138), which rescind sales taxes formerly applicable to VIDA membership sales. As a result, VIDA members will experience an overall DECREASE in monthly payments, after the difference of not paying sales tax.

VIDA Hot Yoga would like to thank Governor Lee and the Tennessee General Assembly for recognizing the disparity and rescinding sales taxes on small fitness businesses and boutique fitness studios. This is a win for the state of Tennessee and for boutique fitness studios across the state!

As you may recall, this time last year VIDA announced that the state of Tennessee was requiring small fitness studios like VIDA to begin collecting sales tax on fitness memberships. That announcement came at a time when VIDA was its second year of business and was planning a studio-wide pricing increase. As a result, VIDA decided that we could not increase membership rates as planned and collect sales tax.

Accordingly, as the Tennessee tax laws changes (effective July 1 st , 2019) VIDA will increase membership rates as initially planned in 2018. With the change, VIDA members will be able to enjoy the added formats, facility expansion, increased programming and pay less for membership now than they did July 2018-June 2019!

New Membership Fees

Effective July 1st, 2019
(These are total out-of-pocket costs, no extra fees)

Monthly Memberships

  • $95 Monthly Unlimited Membership
  • $85 Monthly Unlimited Discounted Membership *
  • $55 Family/Dependent Monthly Unlimited Membership **

*discounted to $85/month for teachers, first responders, full-time students, seniors over age 65 and active-duty military-this membership cannot be purchased online, proof of qualification needed

**not available for purchase online, restrictions apply, only available to those with a dependent relationship with a full-price VIDA membership

PLEASE NOTE: Monthly memberships are contracts for unlimited classes. Membership is an auto-renewing contact that requires a 3-month minimum commitment. After 3 months cancellation is available with written email notice (please note that your membership will not automatically end but can be canceled for any reason after the 3 month commitment)

Other Memberships

  • $45 New Client Intro
  • $999 VIDA Annual Membership
  • $145 Single Month Unlimited Classes (does not have the 3 month commitment)

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