Sophie Sanders headshot - Sophie smiles directly into the camera. Her wavy blonde hair rests on her shoulders. She wears a taupe tank top

Sophie Sanders


+ 200-RYT, VIDA Hot Yoga
+ Sophie is a senior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville studying nutrition with a minor in business.

More About Sophie Sanders

What Might We Be Surprised To Know About You? I love to bake and would love to own a bakery one day.

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years? I hope to continue teaching yoga to empower others and share the practice that I have learned to love so much. I also will hopefully be done with graduate school by then, finishing as a Registered Dietician.

What Motivates You? I am truly motivated meeting my deadlines because I am such a big procrastinator, but I do normally always get the task completed by the deadline. But I am also motivated if I am very passionate about a subject and want to learn more. 

Three Things You Can’t Live Without: Family, friends, and my dog Rosie.

What are Three Good and Three Not-so-good Things The Person Who Knows You Best Might Say About You?
Good: kind, conscientious and compassionate.
Not-so good: Huge procrastinator, easily stressed and an over-thinker.