Sabra Simpson headshot - Sabra smiles directly into the camera. Her brown hair rests on her shoulders. She wears a brown, one-shouldered top

Sabra Simpson


+ 200-RYT, VIDA Hot Yoga
+ B.S. Business Administration, Accounting, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
+ A.D. Drafting Design, Northeast State Technical Community College

More About Sabra Simpson

Favorite Class to TAKE: “If it includes flow then I’m in!  I love the matching of breath to movement.  It grounds my soul and clears my mind’s chatter.”

Three Good and Three Not-so-good Things The Person Who Knows You Best Might Say About You: “She will give you 100% of herself to ensure your happiness over her own. I am always physically leaving something behind wherever I go. It’s not uncommon for me to receive a text with a picture of my S2 cup at the studio, again. I’m always down for an adventure!” 

What Are You Doing To Become The Best Version Of Yourself? “Surrounding myself with people I admire! Continuing to be courageous and vulnerable by stepping into the arena (as Brene Brown says). Letting go of my faults and others. Loving everyone, even when it’s difficult. Prioritizing self-care. Listening more.

”What Are Your Personal Goals In Regard To Yoga?” “I will hit that Big Toe Hold with a straight leg without tearing a hamstring! As a student, I want to improve my body control and transitions to the asanas and to build habits with my meditation and journaling practice. As a teacher, I want to become more comfortable teaching, to explore other types of yoga, including Ashtanga and Kids yoga, and finally, seriously consider continuing my education towards 500-RYT.”