Mandy Whetsell headshot - Mandy smiles directly into the camera. Her bobbed blond hair is parted on her right, and she wears a mauve tank top

Mandy Whetsell


+ 200-RYT, VIDA Hot Yoga
+ B.S., Criminal Justice/Criminology, East Tennessee State University

More About Mandy Whetsell

Awards & Accomplishments: “Completing a 200-RYT teacher training has given me the greatest sense of accomplishment.  I have been given awards and nominations through my professional employment and those were humbling and appreciated but nothing has filled me with gratitude and accomplishment like this training has.”

How do you think your teaching style is unique from others? “My teaching style differs from others because I come to power yoga from a different place than many instructors.  I want to teach to the highest level and the newest level yogi, allowing for all shapes, sizes and ages to experience what their bodies can do through yoga…. I would never say that yoga is a path to weight loss or body image management but the more powerful you feel in your body the more you love your body.  I want to teach in a way that makes people love their bodies for what they can do or accomplish.  That, in turn, leads to a better, healthier you.”

What is an Additional Fun, Quirky, or Surprising Information About You? “Almost the only place I allow myself to cry now is my yoga mat so sometimes class for me is more therapeutic than physical; I fancy myself a mini Gordon Ramsey and have a commercial-grade range in my kitchen; I have some hearing loss so to me there is nothing is better than a loud power class playlist!”