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Lisa King


+ 200-RYT, VIDA Hot Yoga
+ B.S. Education, East Tennessee State University
+ M.S. Counseling, with School Counseling Concentration, Milligan University

More About Lisa King

What Might We Be Surprised To Know About You? “I’ve worked with the police department as an undercover agent for string operations and I’ve got some great stories.”

Three Good and Three Not-so-good Things The Person Who Knows You Best Might Say About You:
Good things
: “I am an ally and advocate for people. I do not give up especially when it comes to injustice. I create space for people to be who they are.”
Not-so-good: “My husband says I put the toilet paper roll the wrong way (who knew there was a right way!). I can over-busy myself. Detail oriented sometimes to a fault.”  

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years? “I see myself mothering, working as a school counselor, working on my Ed.S in Leadership, expanding my flower garden enough to sell at the local farmers market and teaching yoga!” 

What Are Your Personal Goals In Regard To Yoga? “Continue maintaining a daily practice. I am always seeking to challenge myself and get stronger – mentally and physically.”

Three Things You Can’t Live Without: “My family (husband and daughter), gardening flowers and yoga. I do need coffee while engaging in these three activities.”