Leslie Bates headshot. Leslie looks directly into the camera, smiling. Her long brown hair falls past her chest, and she is wearing a v-neck athletic tanktop

Leslie Bates


+ 200-RYT VIDA Hot Yoga
+ B.S, Dental Hygiene, East Tennessee State University

More About Leslie Bates

Leslie has been active her whole life, running track, playing tennis and lifting weights. In high school, Leslie became a personal trainer and then later taught group exercise. In her recent past she started doing yoga after two years of CrossFit.

Awards and Accomplishments: 
“First District Most Distinguished Student 2016, What kind of accomplishments? I built a 6-foot privacy fence with (husband) Ethan!”

Best Advice You’ve Ever Gotten: 
“Forgive and move on, life is too short to carry grudges.”

What Might We Be Surprised To Know About You? 
“I am the second generation born in the United States. My mom’s side of the family is from Colombia, South America.”

Three Things You Can’t Live Without: 
“Pal’s plain tea, Birkenstocks and gum”

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years? 
“Hopefully a mother, teaching yoga in the school system, and having the ability to do a handstand.”

What Are You Doing To Become The Best Version Of Yourself?
“Practicing yoga and developing my personal spiritual journey.”

What Motivates You? “Listening to loud music.”

What Are Your Career Goals In Regard To Yoga? 
“My goal as a yoga teacher is to be authentic and transparent with each student. I would love to see yoga in the school system and in other corporate sectors.”

Favorite and Least Favorite Yoga Pose and Why? 
“Revolved side angle because I like twisting and binding. I also love arm balances because they make me feel so strong. I highly dislike revolved triangle and revolved ½ moon.”