Emily Presnell-Lee headshot - Emily smiles directly into the camera; her straight brown hair cascades onto her shoulders. She wears a brown tank top and holds her hands together in front of her chest in namaste

Emily Presnell-Lee


+ 200-RYT, VIDA Hot Yoga
+ Emily is a model and photographer

More About Emily Presnell-Lee

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years? “In 5 years I see myself living on the west coast, teaching yoga, & focusing really hard on my modeling/acting career. Spiritually free, content & grateful for where life takes me.”

What Motivates You? “Loud music with an awesome Beat! Thinking of my goals coming to fruition in the future while appreciating my past self for how far I’ve come. My friends, family & my husband Asher.”

What Are You Doing To Become A Better Version Of Yourself? “Consistently coming to yoga classes, fitting in lifting sessions at the gym, practicing what we learned in teacher training to be a better person, releasing what doesn’t serve me, & allowing myself to have days of rest without guilt.”

What is a quirky or interesting fact about you? “I walked the runway in New York Fashion Week, acted in movies like “Baywatch” and was a stunt double. Also, I’m a huge nerd, I love anything medieval, or super heroes like GOT, the Witcher, Vikings, anything Marvel or DC comics.”