Becky Mills headshot - Becky smiles directly into the camera. Her wavy brown hair rests on her shoulders, and she wears a mauve tank top

Rebecca (Becky) Mills


+ 200-RYT VIDA Hot Yoga
+ Certified Barre Instructor
+ Group Exercise Instructor
+ B.S., Nursing, East Tennessee State University

More About Rebecca (Becky) Mills

Becky teaches multiple formats at VIDA. Becky’s classes are characterized by diverse and interesting core focus. Her pilates background is evident through her teaching and cuing of proper alignment and form.

Becky is originally from Knoxville and she credits best accomplishment as raising her daughter and “…watching her become a beautiful, loving and adjusted adult.”

Favorite Vacation Spot:
“For a weekend escape, I enjoy the mountains, especially Fontana Village, NC…so remote and peaceful.”

Favorite Book:
The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, The Prophet by Kahil Gabrin and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Luise”

What Might We Be Surprised To Know About You?
“I love wine…not just the consumption but learning about various grapes, terroir and how it affects the taste, how the grapes are grown and harvested even down to the marketing. I like to have the time to be contemplative about the wine I’m sipping and how something so magnificent can make it to my home in Kingsport from around the world and yet be affordable. Best when shared with loved ones!”

Cats or Dogs?
“The sweetest 2 standard poodles, Nikou & Kiki, and 2 independent yet highly demanding cats, Edgar(22 pounder) and Pippin”

What Motivates You?
“Knowing that this life is fleeting and can change in a millisecond so I try to make the most of each day. We may not be here tomorrow so that motivates me to get work completed but take moments for stillness and to tell the people in your life how much you love and appreciate them.”