Ashley Davis


+ “E-500-RYT, YACEP
+ Yoga Medicine Certified Therapeutic Specialist
+ Yoga Medicine – 300 RYS
+ Y2 Yoga Charlotte – 200 RYS
+ Owner/Founder VIDA Hot Yoga
+ Trainer, VIDA Hot Yoga School
+ Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice, Texas Wesleyan
+ Master of Science, Nursing Anesthesia (2007), Women’s Health (1999)

More About Ashley Davis

Personal Yoga Goals:

“I would like to advance my yoga practice and teaching skills with more exposure to ashtanga yoga. Since completing yoga teacher training, I have become more and more interested in taking ashtanga yoga classes with teacher Johnna Smith. I also would like to study meditation in-depth.”

Yoga Career Goals:

“Ongoing exposure to varied yoga trainings. Increasing my knowledge about the integration of yoga with business and intricately weaving the two together in a way that is authentic, safe and valued.”

Best Decision Ever Made:

“Saying, ‘yes’ to my soulmate and life partner, the true love of my life.”
What Can You Do To Become A Better Version Of Yourself? “Obtaining self-acceptance of my limitations and flaws. Using yoga and meditation to become less reactive. Learning to say no more often.”

How Has Yoga Changed You?

“Physically it has helped me identify strength deficits associated with muscular imbalances. It has also helped to lessen the deficits by increasing my strength, balance flexibility. Although I have been an exercise devotee my entire life, yoga has helped me achieve the best state of emotional and physical health yet. It has helped me to live a more present life.”