Amanda McKee headshot - Amanda smiles directly into the camera. Her wavy brown hair rests on her shoulders, and she wears a taupe tank top layerd under an ivory cami

Amanda McKee


+ 200-RYT, VIDA Hot Yoga
+ B.S., Radiologic Technology

More About Amanda McKee

Best Advice You’ve Ever Gotten: “Attitude is the difference between and ordeal and an adventure.”

Three Good and Three Not-so-good Things The Person Who Knows You Best Might Say About You: “According to my family 3 good things are that I care a whole lot about people, my organization skills, and my cooking. And three not so good things are my inability to use turn signals, laughing too much at my own jokes, and either not making decisions or making them impulsively.”

What Are You Doing To Become The Best Version Of Yourself? “Yoga! It makes me the best version of myself. It not only helps me stay healthy and feel great, but it improves my mood the rest of the day. I feel like it makes me a better partner and mother. I’m also working on putting myself out there more and being more outgoing!”

What Motivates You? “My daughter, she sees me the way I want to see myself. She believes I can do anything and I hope to live up to that. I want to prove to her that she can be anything she wants and follow her dreams, so that means I have to follow mine!”