Classes offered by Vidya Yoga & Fitness

Choosing Your First Class at VY&F

We offer modifications and advancements in all of our classes, making them approachable for the Beginner and Advanced practitioner.

Getting Started

We have all been the new person in class.

We have also had the experience of not knowing what to expect, where to go, and what to do. We expect that those new to VY&F will not know some of the terminology, yoga poses or cues. It’s ok. There is no judgement whatsoever.

We recommend that you go at your own pace, take breaks and observe some, if desired.

Having an open mind about your first experience at VY&F is a great way to start your yoga journey.

what Yoga Classes Are Offered?

Although our class formats are all based on ashtanga yoga and have similarities, the differences between the formats may help you decide what class is best for you. We also believe that any class offered is reasonable for all participants and do not label classes as “beginner” or “advanced.”

What is Barre & What are the Benefits?

Barre classes at VY&F offer a total body strength workout based on ballet, pilates and strength and conditioning. Barre classes at VIDYA will help strengthen arms and legs with a heavy focus on core and gluteal muscles. These classes are heated to 90 degrees. Modifications are given and Barre classes are appropriate for all levels.

The HUSTLE. Room

(Johnson City Location Only)

Classes Coming Soon

Non-heated strength and interval classes, HUSTLE.

The Barre Room

Heated and Non-heated barre classes. Barre or grip socks and athletic/yoga clothing required.

No athletic shoes. All classes are low impact, no running or jumping.

Barre Eclipse Classes

Barre Eclipse is a firey, intense full-body, low impact workout sequenced to maximize muscle failure and improve strength and fitness. Barre Eclipse classes offer exercises targeting specific muscles groups using body weights, hand weights, balls and sliders. Barre Eclipse classes are taught by certified Barre Eclipse instructors trained under Barre Eclipse creator, Adrienne Rabena.

The HOT Room

(Johnson City & Kingsport Locations)
All classes are low impact, no running or jumping. All classes heated 80-100 degrees with infrared heat and added humidity. See Class description for more details.

Hot Power Yoga

Characterized by progression of dynamically sequenced vinyasa flow, deeply rooted in the tradition of ashtanga yoga, VIDYA’s signature power class promotes strength, balance and endurance through yoga practice. Expect an intense motivating environment, options for arm balances and inversions, a core-focused component, and ending with mindful deep stretching & savasana.

Class is heated 90-95 degrees.

Hot Power Express

An express version of VIDA’s Signature Hot Power Yoga, this class consists of 30-40 minutes of intense vinyasa flow, a short core strengthening segment, and brief stretching and savasana. Class is intense but beginners are welcome as modifications are given for all levels. Want more? Combine this class with another VIDA format!

Temperature 92-95 degrees.

Hot Restore & Deep Stretch (RDS)

Derived from the practice of Yin Yoga, Restore and Deep Stretch combines radiant infrared heat with deep stretching to promote a state of relaxation and improved flexibility. Great for athletes and beginners.

Temperature 100-105 degrees.

Hot Core & Deep Stretch (CDS)

45 minutes of core work focusing on anterior and posterior core muscles. Emphasis will be on strengthening abdominal and low-back muscles as well as core synergists including hip flexors, anterior and posterior hip, and gluteal muscles. Core work will be followed by 15 minutes stretching.

Temperature: 95 degrees


This class is a combination of VIDYA’s signature power yoga combined with deep stretching asanas. It is a great way to combine the intense physical practice of power yoga with relaxing deep stretching.

Class is heated 92-95 degrees and modifications are available for all levels.

Specialty Classes

Scheduled as Pop-Up Classes, not regularly scheduled

VIDYA Intro to Power Yoga

This class is a great place for beginners or those wanting to understand yoga asana on a deeper level. Class includes breakdown of Surya Namaskar A & B (vinyasa flow yoga) as well as ashtanga standing balancing postures.

Class is heated 85-92 degrees.

VIDYA Fly & Flow

An upgraded version of our power class. Fly & Flow contains elements of our signature power class but with more options for arm balances, inversions and tricky transitions. Some experience in VIDYA power classes is recommended.

Heated 80-95 degrees.

Sport Specific Myofascial Release and Deep Stretch

Myofascial Release enhances recovery, increases blood flow, improves mobility and promotes relaxation. This class combines the use of RADroller, relaxation techniques, sport-specific stretching and yoga asana in the presence of infrared heat to facilitate muscle recovery and improve flexibility. Class is heated 95-100 degrees and appropriate for all levels. This class is taught by Ashley Davis, 500 RYT and Therapeutic Yoga Specialist.


BROGA (BRO-YOGA) is perfect for new AND experienced yogis. This multi-modal yoga class incorporates slow vinyasa style yoga, standing balancing postures, and intense core conditioning on the mat. This is a great class for gaining strength and flexibility in a casual, relaxed environment. The class will end with deep stretching. Men only.

Heated 90-95 degrees.

Open Studio Practice

Have you ever wanted the freedom to come to VIDYA and practice specific yoga poses outside of a structured class format? Or just have the opportunity to stretch on your own in the hot room?

Join us for Open Studio Practice and come ready to practice any asana, arm balance or inversion with the assistance of VIDYA instructors. Come and go as you please. This is an unstructured format.

VIDYA Power Yoga: Breaking Down the Postures

Have you wanted to attend Power Yoga but you are intimidated? Are you interested in learning how to improve or advance your form or learn modifications for postures? This is a warm class involving discussion and practice. Come ready to learn and leave with a better understanding of what to do in other VIDA signature classes. Great for all levels, beginner to advanced.

Corporate Yoga/Special Events

Contact us about providing a specialized class tailored to the needs of your group.

Pricing information

Our single classes start at $22/session. Find out more about class packs and current promotions on our pricing page or specific pricing information on upcoming classes, choose your location and explore the schedules.