Barre Eclipse Partnership

Vidya Yoga & Fitness has partnered with Barre Eclipse founders, Adrienne and Eric Rabena to provide a self-paced, online teacher training through a studio partnership. This training is online but all trainees that sign up through VY&F will have the option of attending Barre Eclipse classes at VY&F, Barre Eclipse Content Review, and practice teaching sessions with Licensed Barre Eclipse Instructors at Vidya Yoga & Fitness in Tennessee. These in-person sessions are included with the tuition if you register through the VY&F link.
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Training Dates

Open enrollment. You may sign up anytime it is convenient and start your self-paced training at your convenience. Once you sign up, you will have four months to complete your training. During the training, you can attend Barre Eclipse classes, content review and schedule practice teaching sessions with Barre Eclipse instructors at Vidya Yoga and Fitness. In order to have free access to the optional in-person Barre Eclipse classes, content review and practice teaching sessions, you must sign-up and pay through the VY&F link.

The training consists of online modules that can be done on-demand and are self-paced through the Barre Eclipse website and Kajabi app. Certified Barre Eclipse instructors will facilitate the in-person intensives at a VIDYA Yoga & Fitness location in Tennessee. 

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